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  • Abstract Submission Deadline: January 17, 2020
  • There will be no extensions this year, all abstracts must be in by this date
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Our Purpose

The Healthcare Summit and Expo 2020 will focus on the novel concepts, treatments, strategies, and methods to promote excellence and achieve State of the Art Healthcare for veterans and others living with spinal cord injuries and diseases.

Our Mission

The mission of Healthcare Summit and Expo 2020 is to bring together professionals across the continuum of care who are treating individuals living with spinal cord injury (SCI) and dysfunction, multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) to share new clinical information, research data and innovative initiatives to improve care and support clinicians in maintaining their specialty certification and/or license to practice.

Summit Objectives:

  • To enhance interdisciplinary care across the lifespan of individuals with SCI and diseases;

  • To assess advances in the delivery of healthcare and promote innovative models of care management;

  • To improve practice skills of clinicians, surgeons, researchers, and administrators;

  • To discuss evidence based medicine;

  • To expand the body of knowledge about spinal cord injury and diseases and their medical complications and consequences;

  • To identify cutting edge research priorities

  • To present data on new developments in assessment, treatment and health policy.

Target Audience

Healthcare Summit + Expo 2020 provides an interdisciplinary opportunity to network with healthcare professionals working across the continuum in spinal cord injury and disease care and treatment. Sessions are geared for healthcare providers including:

  • Physicians and Physician Assistants
  • Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
  • Psychologists, Social Workers and Rehabilitation Counselors
  • Physical, Occupational and Recreational Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Clinical Researchers and Scientists
  • Healthcare Administrators

Submission Overview

Abstracts are intended to represent clinical practice, research or health policy content related to spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, ALS or other spinal cord disorders.

All submitted abstracts must meet CME/CEU accreditation standards to be approved for credit. Abstracts of presentations should be balanced and free of commercial bias. Commercial content, product endorsements, or service related advertisements are not permitted.

Topic Categories for your Submission

Topics should address clinical treatment, research, health policy or program development in the areas of:

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Other Spinal Cord Dysfunction
  • Cross cutting topics in independent living, advocacy and assistive technology

Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts

  1. Abstract title should be no longer than 15 words.
  2. Abstract content should not exceed 500 words.
  3. The abstract must include four (4) measurable learning objectives using action verbs;  the learner will describe, explain, discuss, etc.
  4. All contributing authors/presenters must complete:
    1. Signed disclosure form
    2. Up to date biosketch or brief CV,  not to exceed three pages
    3. Identify any commercial interests or sources of funding, if applicable.
    4. Brief (200 word max) speaker bio to be used for session introduction.
  5. Only results of completed research should be submitted.
  6. Abstracts should include a concise description of the presentation:  including demographics, treatment/intervention, results/outcomes, and clinical significance, when applicable. In the text, an abbreviated word or term must be spelled out at first use with its abbreviation or acronym in parentheses, i.e. Multiple Sclerosis, (MS).
  7. Abstracts will not be returned for editing or proofing. Authors are responsible for ensuring that the text is accurate, concise, clear, and includes information about all sources of funding, if applicable. 

Healthcare Summit Abstract Submission Presentation Formats

Platform Presentation:

Keynote Address

  • to all attendees, invited

Plenary Session

  • to all attendees, cross cutting topics of interest

Platform Presentation

  • to smaller groups of attendees, diagnosis or specialty specific

Preconference Institute (on Wednesday, August 12 only)

  • in depth training or certification session on a specific topic.

Platform Presentations

Presentations will be on clinical or research issues and must be 30 or 75 minutes in length, with an additional 15 minutes allotted for questions and discussion (total 45 or 90 minutes).

  • A 45-minute presentation may have a single speaker, maximum of two.  
  • A 90-minute presentation may have one, two or three speakers.  
  • A preconference institute may be  2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours (time period must be included in abstract) and may have up to three speakers.

Information on all contributing authors must be included in the abstract submission; however, only the presenters will be listed in the Healthcare Summit + Expo 2020 program.

Platform Presentation Abstract Submission Requirements

  1. Background: Brief introduction, statement of objectives or hypothesis
  2. Design: Setting, study or treatment design, follow‐up, outcomes
  3. Methods: Study  or treatment population, selection criteria, essential features of interventions/observations, statistical analysis 
  4. Results: Data analysis should indicate findings in narrative or table format and include confidence intervals, and statistical significance
  5. Conclusion(s): Supported by evidence, include clinical relevance and application

The abstract should include a summary of information to be presented, including major themes, expanded version of learning objectives, outline of issues/subjects to be discussed, an overview of case studies, points to be illustrated, and principles to be discussed during the interactive session.  90 minute sessions and preconference institutes should include some interactive / audience involvement component.

Poster Presentations

A poster is a visually formatted presentation of a topic using charts, graphs, illustrations, and photographs to supplement a written narrative. The topic may be clinically or research based, and describe new techniques, procedures, or technologies. It provides a visual forum for one‐to‐one discussion with the presenter. 

Presenters will have the opportunity to discuss pertinent issues highlighted in the poster with attendees during the viewing sessions. Interactive viewing sessions, with presenter present, are scheduled during the Healthcare Summit + Expo 2020. Posters will be available for viewing throughout the meeting.

Poster Presentation:  Abstract Submission Requirements

The abstract must contain all of the following elements: 

  1. Objectives,
  2. Problem statement,
  3. Methods,
  4. Data analysis,
  5. Significance and conclusion

For All Presentations:

Please keep in mind that reference to equipment, devices, or pharmaceutical products must use the correct manufacturer, trade, and generic names; appropriate acknowledgements for financial support must be declared; in all cases, patient anonymity must be protected in accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Law.

Selection Criteria

Abstracts will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation and Originality of topic/content
  • Clarity and organization of proposal/presentation
  • Importance and applicability to Summit audience
  • Presenter experience/expertise in topic area
  • Applicability across settings
  • Absence of commercial content

Session Acceptance

All applicants will be notified of proposal approval / disapproval by March 9, 2020.  If you are unable to accept the session assignment, you must contact PVA by March 23, 2020 at

Should a presenter be unable to make a presentation after acceptance of the assignment, please immediately contact Cheryl Vines at or 202-256-5526.

Final PowerPoint slides of your presentation must be submitted, using the online system, on or before June 24, 2020.  PVA plans to make PDF versions of the PowerPoint slides available to Healthcare Summit + Expo 2020 attendees.


PVA will provide the following reimbursement to help defray expenses for accepted session speaker(s):

  1. Summit registration fee waiver
    Note: one registration per poster, up to two registrations per 45 minute session, three per 90 minute session or preconference institute.
  2. Three (3) night hotel accommodation at the Renaissance Orlando SeaWorld Hotel.
    Note: one person for a poster, up to two people per 45 minute session, three people per 90 minute session or preconference institute. 
  3. Up to $500 airfare/mileage reimbursement per 45 minute session. Up to $750 airfare/mileage reimbursement per 90 minute session or preconference institute.
    NOTE: Reimbursements are by session, not speaker, if there is more than one speaker, the amount must be shared.
  4. Up to $250 airfare/mileage reimbursement for a Poster. 

Questions/Contact information

If you have program-related questions, please contact us at

For technical assistance, please contact: AffinityCE technical support at

Submit Abstract Electronically

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